Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Brave Stare Fear in the Eyes

Flowers nap above the body
As the spirit sets free to soar.
The voiceless sing through cries.
Love shells pain through the door.

We men gently settle the casket.
My thoughts draw around the widow
To the loneliness of love
And the wails for the parting that grow.

"Old men in gray suits lead them.
That's a web of a mess we coiled
In the wasteland of deserts
For pipelines of oil!",

The cynic free in shackled minds muse,
Never knowing the costs of the words they used.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nature Abound

The trees of green never showed their hue
As flagrantly as when Sun gave them truth
The Sun above never shone so bright
The purposeless wind blows the night
Birds chirp sweet melody, bears growl burly
While the desitute rocks lay there inertly
The river runs deepest where we cannot go
And nature abounds in truth and beauty untold